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Welcome  to A&G Refrigeration Equipment, we offers a wide range of Industrial Refrigerators, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, Commercial Refrigeration Equipmrnt, Ice  generators and self-contained units with production capacities ranging  from 390 up to 88100 LB per day. Flake Ice, Cracked Ice/Snow, Cubed and Tube Ice.

The  A&G Refrigeration Equipment serves the  restaurants, supermarkets,   food stores, food manufacturing  and processing industry worldwide. Each  refrigeration  system is designed and installed by our specialists, and  utilizes  the  latest  technology.

A&GRE's  facility development services include:    Design and Engineering for food processing  and  refrigeration facilities.    Design and installation. Maintenance. Parts  and services.

The Production of Flake Ice.

The ice Generators.
Ice generators are available for the production of between  390 - 88100 LB.

 The Ice Packs.
Ice Packs are design for optimum reliability in difficult climatic conditions.

 The On-Board Machine.
Five models are available, in fresh or sea water version,  with production rates of up to 13200+ LB per day.


Storage, handling and treatment.

The Orbital Silos.
The orbital silos hygienically store the flake ice in ideal  conditions. The fully automatic device ensures delivery on demand, without difficult handling.

 The Flake -Ice Compactor.
Combined with an ice-maker, the compactor transform the flakes into blocks.

 Flake-Ice Sets.
These are simple and effective combination of production and storage modules with easy access to the ice.



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